Proven performance from the leader in affiliate

Affiliate marketing is now an essential part of the marketing mix for many of the world’s top brands — and Conversant’s CJ Affiliate is far and away the industry leader. We operate the world’s largest publisher network with more than four times as many advertisers as our closest competitor. In 2013, Internet Retailer  ranked Conversant's CJ Affiliate the No.1 provider “by a long shot.”

Building on our success as the industry leader, we're poised to take affiliate to the next level by leveraging the power of Conversant and its united platform. CJ is introducing innovations like personalised affiliate, along with a comprehensive set of value-added services, which allows us to continue driving superior results for both affiliates and advertisers. 

The CJ Approach

Superior impact at every stage of the consumer journey

The affiliate marketing channel, with its unique, high-performance publishers, has the power to influence and connect with new consumers at every point in their decision journey. From the Catalyst that triggers their decision of need, through Evaluation and Post Conversion, the affiliate marketing channel builds relationships on performance.

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Affiliate Solutions

Services to meet every brand's needs

We’ve built the world’s most productive network — one relationship at a time. And at the centre of each of these relationships is exceptional service. We offer advertisers three service level options, ranging from "do-it-yourself" to fully outsourced programme management. Depending on your business goals, budgets, resources and experience, we’ll work with you to determine which service level is right for you and your team.

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The CJ Difference

Powerful advantages to accelerate growth

Our one-of-a-kind network enables advertisers around the world to dramatically expand their reach and grow their business using the power of pay-for-performance. We offer more leading brands. More affiliates. And more technologies and services to accelerate brand growth. The CJ Affiliate Network sets the standard for brand safety and customer service. We’re thoughtleaders for the entire industry and we’re particularly proud to host CJ University, the world’s premier affiliate marketing networking and education event.

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Personalised Affiliate

Reinventing the category we helped build

Conversant is bringing The power of personalSM to affiliate. For marketers ready to take their programmes to the next level, CJ is innovating a bold new approach to affiliate marketing — Affiliate Personalisation. This exciting opportunity will leverage consumer data to identify and customise promotional offers for select target segments, such as new and existing customers, to increase conversions and drive more sales. 


More Ways to Grow

Growth solutions for any business objective

Our entire team is committed to helping advertisers drive growth in new and measurable ways. For the industry's most innovative pay-for-performance opportunities, look no further than CJ. We can supercharge affiliate programmes with major new revenue streams!

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