Individualised media identifies ideal consumers for your campaign

To get better results, you need better target audience identification. You have to take the guesswork out of the process and get precise in pinpointing the ideal prospects for your campaigns. Conversant Media does just that. We identify your brand’s ideal target from our bank of more than 263 million verified, anonymous profiles. One by one, with unparalleled precision. By leveraging more user-level data and superior insights we create the industry’s most accurate audience segments. Our platform associates all of an individual user’s activity across channels and devices, in real-time, so we can precisely identify your target audience and then message them more effectively — wherever they consume content and however they connect to the web.


Data & Profiles: Audience Identification

With the Conversant Personalisation Platform and our unified company, we are able to enrich profiles with more data than our competitors. And we validate our user insights using verified offline consumer information. Advanced analytics enable us to identify more of the characteristics that make someone an ideal member of your brand audience. From there, we individually identify people with a high propensity to convert for your brand, people who are ideally suited to receive your brand messages.


Creative Optimisation: Innovative Creative Solutions

Conversant offers the industry’s most innovative suite of creative capabilities, empowering brands and their agencies to maximise audience engagement across channels and devices. Our Platform supports the industry’s broadest set of creative options. With amazing creative flexibility in video, display, rich media and mobile — the sky is the limit. With Conversant, you can stop planning in a silo and deliver more effective programmes that seamlessly surround your target with impactful messages as they move from channel to channel and screen to screen. Regardless of which creative options and channels you decide to deploy, the Conversant Personalisation Platform will always select the best fit ads to deliver to individuals in your target audience.


Identification & Delivery: Individualised Media

It’s a lot easier to reach someone than it is to reach a specific someone. To do that, you need to be able to spot individuals within your target audience accurately wherever they spend their time online. It requires visibility into the broadest media footprint possible and better ways to link an individual’s online activity across devices. Only then can you identify them wherever they are and however they choose to connect. With Conversant's united platform, we offer ten times more media delivery opportunities than were ever possible before:

  • Massive media footprint across 25 leading RTB exchanges, our 6,000+ publisher partners, preferred partnerships with Facebook and Twitter and more than 20,000 mobile apps
  • Industry-leading cross-device mapping that enables us to find and deliver messages to tens of millions of people as they migrate from screen to screen
  • Continuous real-time updates and re-identification of profiles for maximum insight and accuracy

Conversant can deliver campaigns to a broader audience with incredible user-level accuracy — engaging your brand with them more effectively, in more places and on more occasions. 


Measurement & Insights: Conversant Media Reporting Suite

Our reporting suite provides a complete view of your campaign performance including deep cross-device analytics, granular audience analysis, brand lift calculations and classic reach/frequency analysis.