Robust data and rich profiles power individualised media delivery

Data makes all the difference. Conversant Media’s proprietary data sets allow us to uncover insights and enable us to identify and message the right people for superior results. 


Exclusive Data

Get a true understanding of each individual in your target audience through Conversant Media’s vast, exclusive cross-device browsing, interaction, search and purchase data. With Conversant, your target audience is precisely identified — individual by individual, using more data points for an exact audience match without sacrificing scale. Most media companies and their clients rely on the same third-party data sets for targeting. But Conversant Media takes a different approach, relying primarily on our exclusive action-based data that is proven to outperform:

  • Billions of pounds in actual purchase data, available only to Conversant
  • 128 billion monthly ad impressions that provide rich insights into user interests, behaviours and preferences
  • Millions of monthly product searches, which update our profiles to reveal active shopping behaviour by category
  • 1.9 billion monthly clicks across thousands of Conversant programmes
  • Individual-level audience insights from across more than 20 billion monthly RTB impressions

The result is 263 million profiles — each with an average of 200 data points per profile. This precision and depth allows Conversant profiles to power campaigns that deliver far superior results. 


Superior Cross-Device Insight

True cross-device marketing reaches the same consumer on all their digital devices, which sounds easy, but it’s not. Many companies talk a good game about cross-device marketing, but few actually achieve it. Relying on data from only one device type severely limits your consumer understanding because many consumers spend more than 50% of their connected time on mobile devices. Many single-device-solutions, like display or mobile networks, partner with other companies for additional data, but this model makes real-time analysis very difficult. Other companies use the term cross-device to mean they can field disconnected campaigns against different device types. Conversant’s approach is a three-layer system. First, we offer millions of anonymised exact matches, then we leverage highly accurate, algorithmically-derived matches for massive scale. Finally, our enormous media footprint and real-time profile updates help us consistently deliver greater cross-device match accuracy. 


Accurate & Actionable Profiles

Conversant Media offers richer profiles and deeper insights with 263 million exclusive user profiles. Each profile has an average of 200+ data points, for tremendous precision. Plus, we verify our profiles using the industry’s gold standard offline demographic data source. In independent testing, our profiles have been shown to be 17 percent more accurate than profiles used by leading DSPs and ad networks and 43 percent more accurate than profiles of leading vertical networks. Scale plus specificity is an unbeatable combination. 


Universal Target Access

Our enormous media footprint and industry-leading cross-device matching methodology helps us deliver 10 times more scale than ever before. With Conversant Media, brands get access to the best opportunities on virtually any device across more than 1 million sites and apps. Brands can reach and connect with an individual at ideal moments virtually anywhere online:

  • 20+ billion impressions a day across 25 leading ad exchanges, including the top 10 exchanges
  • Integrated buying relationships with Facebook and Twitter
  • Deep partnerships with more than 6,000 leading digital publishers
  • SDK integration across more than 20,000 mobile and tablet apps

We can focus your programmes solely on our premium direct publisher inventory OR include RTB, OR leverage our Managed DSP for an RTB-only solution. It's all up to you.


Innovative Creative Suite

Tap into the industry's largest selection of innovative creative options to maximise your brand’s overall impact — across channels and devices. Our robust creative suite offers variety, flexibility and efficiency to create full-screen, multi-layer brand experiences featuring:

  • Mobile, video, interactive and social units
  • Rich Media – interactive pre-roll, max unit takeover, socialiser and film strip
  • Video – in-banner, pre-roll and expandable  


Brand Safety and Protection

To ensure your ads appear in a brand safe environment, we offer a dedicated brand safety team and partner with many brand safety verification vendors. It’s just one of the reasons why many of the world’s most successful brands choose to work with us.