Programmatic: Time to hit the reset button?

“Automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency… automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

Bill Gates


If you’ve visited a marketing conference in the last five years, you’ll be familiar with the obligatory reference to the percentage of advertising bought via programmatic. This is the oft-overlooked problem with programmatic.

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Report: 65% of consumers fed up with irrelevant brand communications

A new report reveals that 65% of consumers say companies, retailers, or brands send them too many irrelevant communications.
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[Podcast] Mobile ad fraud: What, why and how?

In our latest podcast series, we invite a panel of industry insiders to discuss the situation surrounding mobile advertising fraud.

Why has this become such a big problem? What are the fraudsters doing to game the system? And how can reputable individuals and organisations in the industry work to stop this illegal practice?

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Bad digital marketing: The '50 First Dates' trap

We’ve all been victims of bad digital marketing. It happens every day, on every publisher site.

You know the drill: you visit a site to browse a product. Let’s say, running shoes. You look at several pairs, including a blue pair of New Balances. It’s a model you’ve purchased before in their store but aren’t ready to buy again just yet.

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Solving for Ad Fraud: there's a Way to Beat the Bots

You can spend a lot of time reading our industry’s buzz about ad fraud. When you do, you’ll find that two things are undeniable:
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