[INFOGRAPHIC] What do consumers want from retailers this Christmas?

With the majority (92%) of consumers’ shopping purchases expected to be influenced by offers and promotions this Christmas, it's essential for retailers to understand what drives consumers to purchase.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] The modern CMO: Dream versus reality

Ambition is a trait shared by most senior marketers. In this infographic, we take a look at some of the results from Conversant's latest report into the ambitions and challenges of CMO's around the world.

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Report: 65% of consumers fed up with irrelevant brand communications

A new report reveals that 65% of consumers say companies, retailers, or brands send them too many irrelevant communications.
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[Video] The power of personalisation: Keep your customer coming back for more

Personalised marketing has been talked about for a long time. Yet for many businesses, it still hasn't fully materialised.


Watch this video to understand how to implement true one-to-one personalisation at scale, today.

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This is what real personalisation looks like

Increasingly, media personalisation is talked about as a silver bullet for many issues facing digital media today. It can deliver measurable rather than attributed performance and overcome issues with attribution models that preference high volume low-quality media buying - an issue that's also driving adblocking.

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Bad digital marketing: The '50 First Dates' trap

We’ve all been victims of bad digital marketing. It happens every day, on every publisher site.

You know the drill: you visit a site to browse a product. Let’s say, running shoes. You look at several pairs, including a blue pair of New Balances. It’s a model you’ve purchased before in their store but aren’t ready to buy again just yet.

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[Podcast] The role of attribution in digital media

We’re very happy to announce the launch of our first series of podcasts, focussed on the topic of media attribution.
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75% of businesses say personalised communication is essential

Yet only 12% of businesses are equipped for it.
In terms of personalised communication to prospects and customers, there’s a wide gap between current capability and the capability required at the many of the world’s largest organisations, according to a new report.
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