How does the industry waste $20bn marketing budget a year?

“Just 25% of CMOs digital media investment reaches target audiences.


“This atrocity represents more than $20 billion of marketing waste, inefficiency and ineffectiveness”.


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Programmatic: Time to hit the reset button?

“Automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency… automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

Bill Gates


If you’ve visited a marketing conference in the last five years, you’ll be familiar with the obligatory reference to the percentage of advertising bought via programmatic. This is the oft-overlooked problem with programmatic.

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[Video] Advertising Week Europe: The elusive attribution model

Watch this on-demand panel debate on attribution, filmed at Advertising Week Europe, to understand why attribution is failing businesses, and what needs to change for measurement to serve real commercial interests.

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This is what real personalisation looks like

Increasingly, media personalisation is talked about as a silver bullet for many issues facing digital media today. It can deliver measurable rather than attributed performance and overcome issues with attribution models that preference high volume low-quality media buying - an issue that's also driving adblocking.

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[Podcast] Mobile ad fraud: What, why and how?

In our latest podcast series, we invite a panel of industry insiders to discuss the situation surrounding mobile advertising fraud.

Why has this become such a big problem? What are the fraudsters doing to game the system? And how can reputable individuals and organisations in the industry work to stop this illegal practice?

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Bad digital marketing: The '50 First Dates' trap

We’ve all been victims of bad digital marketing. It happens every day, on every publisher site.

You know the drill: you visit a site to browse a product. Let’s say, running shoes. You look at several pairs, including a blue pair of New Balances. It’s a model you’ve purchased before in their store but aren’t ready to buy again just yet.

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[Podcast] The role of attribution in digital media

We’re very happy to announce the launch of our first series of podcasts, focussed on the topic of media attribution.
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75% of businesses say personalised communication is essential

Yet only 12% of businesses are equipped for it.
In terms of personalised communication to prospects and customers, there’s a wide gap between current capability and the capability required at the many of the world’s largest organisations, according to a new report.
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2015 Holiday EU Shopper Report

The goal is to provide business and media insight that will enable our clients to increase their returns over the holiday period. In 2015 we identified that holiday shopping around Black Friday and Cyber Monday was set to become a clear trend that could be leveraged by brands and this was borne out by the numbers we saw when we reviewed the year.

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Why Leakage is never a good thing in digital Media


Today's consumers work and play across multiple devices, which can make tracking difficult. But the problem is not as simple as someone seeing an ad on a mobile device and converting on a desktop. This month we help marketers understand how they can miss out on conversions in a number of different ways.

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