[INFOGRAPHIC] The modern CMO: Dream versus reality

Ambition is a trait shared by most senior marketers. In this infographic, we take a look at some of the results from Conversant's latest report into the ambitions and challenges of CMO's around the world.

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Just 15% of CMOs know consumers well enough to build relationships

...Yet 61% aspire to do exactly that.

A new report reveals that while 61% of senior marketers’ top digital marketing strategy is to build customer relationships, only 15% of those senior marketers are confident that they know their customers well enough to do so.
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Programmatic: Time to hit the reset button?

“Automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency… automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

Bill Gates


If you’ve visited a marketing conference in the last five years, you’ll be familiar with the obligatory reference to the percentage of advertising bought via programmatic. This is the oft-overlooked problem with programmatic.

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[Video] The power of personalisation: Keep your customer coming back for more

Personalised marketing has been talked about for a long time. Yet for many businesses, it still hasn't fully materialised.


Watch this video to understand how to implement true one-to-one personalisation at scale, today.

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[Podcast] In conversation: The making of personalisation

Listen to this podcast to understand one-to-one personalisation at scale from one of the leading instigators of personalised marketing.

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Can a ‘framework’ of solutions be an alternative to the duopoly?

AppNexus leads adtech consortium to enable ‘people-based marketing’ rivaling Facebook and Google’s duopoly.

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True personalisation: Reigniting the value of digital advertising

Working in digital advertising, it’s instinct to keep an eye on the adverts that your family, friends and colleagues are being served. When a friend shows me an online video or article on their device, my first glance is to the adverts that surround that content. I actively look out for what many people seem intent on attempting to avoid - adverts.

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Bad digital marketing: The '50 First Dates' trap

We’ve all been victims of bad digital marketing. It happens every day, on every publisher site.

You know the drill: you visit a site to browse a product. Let’s say, running shoes. You look at several pairs, including a blue pair of New Balances. It’s a model you’ve purchased before in their store but aren’t ready to buy again just yet.

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