How Brille24 doubled iROAS expectations, increased conversion rate and drove new customers via personalised advertising

 The challenge

Operating in a highly competitive market, Brille24 had three objectives: to increase brand awareness in the German market, encourage repeat purchases by historical customers from the last two years, and to acquire new customers.

“Conversant is the only marketing solution to offer a complete service, including an in-depth analysis of our needs and data-driven personalisation in real time. It also includes the most accurate test and control measurement method in the market."
Thorsten Ahlers
Thorsten Ahlers Marketing Manager, Brille24
Brille 24

Conversant developed a data-driven, personalised advertising program, with optimisation strategies baked-in. This included individual level, one-to-one planning and execution of dynamic personalised advertising, fine-tuned according to thousands of dimensions on each consumer's pseudonymised profile.

Brill24's historical customer data was matched to Conversant's 200M+ pseudonymised consumer profiles, allowing for deep and true personalisation of advertising to Brille24's lapsed customer base.

Conversant and Brille24 then agreed on planned promotions, new collections and highlights of the season. Ad templates and their content were designed by Conversant's creative department, based on Brille24's brand guidelines. Uisng these templates, personalised creative was generated in real time, the moment a consumer visits a page, so that every recipient receives a relevant message, at the right time, and on the right device. Each Brille24 consumer influenced by Conversant received a series of personalised adverts corresponding to their personal situation (such as product preference, age, real-time weather, taste, browsing and purchasing behaviour, device, etc...).

"Conversant's approach is to use unique User-IDs as the basis for targeting and banner display, unlike the cookie-based method used so far in the market. It offered the possibility for Brille24 to address each of its users. The results clearly exceeded our expectations!"
Thorsten Ahlers
Thorsten Ahlers Responsable Marketing chez Brille24
headshot Thorsten Ahlers_Brille24

"The number of visitors to the site increased by 46% and the conversion rate by 25%," explains Brill24's marketing manager, Thorsten Ahlers.

"The initial objective of the personalised advertising campaign was to achieve an iROAS (incremental return on advertising spend) of 3:1. That is to say that each €1 invested was to bring in €3 in turnover. But, thanks to the campaign Brille24 has increased this defining KPI to 7: 1.

"Conversant's user-ID-based approach has given us a better understanding of customer behaviour. For example, during a workshop the topic of brand affinity and purchasing behavior was analysed - i.e. which brands (eyewear manufacturers) are preferred by Brille24 customers, in order of preference.”

7:1 Incremental return on advertising spend (iROAS)
15 000 New customers
25% Increase in conversion rate