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Cross-Device Solution

Device-switching is common in a customer's shopping journey. Until today, the tracking of this activity has been lost. Clear and actionable insight into the customer purchase behaviour is imperative to the success of your business.

We have the solution.

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Cross device Data


Unprecedented scale, accuracy, and insight made possible through the combined data of three industry leaders: CJ Affiliate, Conversant® & Epsilon®.

Cross device Transparency


Understand drivers of cross-device engagement and mobile influence. Identify partnerships, audiences, and products that drive cross-device consumer engagement.

Cross device Growth


Discover new partnerships, maximise existing relationships, and optimise performance to realise your full potential.

affiliate profiles

Deterministic matching at scale.10x more reach than any other provider

We bridge the gap between cookies and individuals by leveraging online and offline transaction data to create persistent customer profiles powering the most scalable, accurate Cross-Device solution in the market today.

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Unlock affiliate performance to grow and gain competitive advantage


Discover new partnerships, maximise existing relationships