Deliver Media & Video
Deliver personalised media and video. Harness our dynamic content and real-time personalisation capabilities.

Real-time personalisation and dynamic content means each individual consumer sees communications relevant to them at that precise moment
Unique messages across desktop & mobile

This is display marketing like you’ve never experienced it before, from the company that’s spent more than 20 years at the forefront of its evolution.

Each of the 150 million messages we deliver daily is fine-tuned to the individual recipient, based on everything we know about them: their devices, the time of day, where they are in the purchase funnel and more, across 7,000 real-time profile dimensions. Delivery spans across all leading ad exchanges and our own private exchange, so you’ll reach your customers wherever they are - on the web, in-app or on social platforms.

Superior relevance and reach drive superior results. Our clients see an average 10x incremental return on ad spend, and agencies see an average 31.2% brand lift.


CRM  Media Platform

Dynamic content, personalised to each individual in real-time

Deliver your videos to the right people, across every channel and screen.

Our extensive consumer profiles enable a complete, screen-agnostic understanding of millions, so you’ll know whom to reach across desktop, mobile and social. You’ll drive the most relevant experiences for everyone—and the highest returns for you.

Make your videos go further; personalise content using real-time insight. Enhance your creative based on person-level insight, unique audience attributes, geo-location, time, date, weather, and a great deal more.

Personalised Video


Dynamic content
Personally relevant messages, built in milliseconds

Strengthen your brand messages with the industry’s smartest, most effective digital creative delivered across all devices.

Other solutions might use a wireframe for all clients, rotating different product images and calling it dynamic. Not us. We collaborate with you to understand your brand guidelines and messaging strategy, and then deliver highly customised messages, faithfully representing your brand with exceptional creative execution.

We deliver 150 million totally unique conversations daily, always optimised in real-time for the consumer who receives it. It's dynamic content, delivered through real-time personalisation.

And you’ll see the return on ad spend for yourself. Thorough marketing insights show you the power of your messaging over time, across all devices.

The highest quality digital media

With real people at the centre of our insight and a full-service team dedicated to your business, you’ll be confident that your messages are viewable by real people (not bots), always on brand-safe sites.

  • Above-benchmark viewability. Our inventory team work directly with publishers to improve their viewability, and we eliminate sites and apps that don’t meet our strict standards.
  • Dedicated brand safety. Sites and apps are personally reviewed by our traffic quality team, and page-level content is checked twice - at bid time and again at delivery - by our layered technologies.
  • Bot-busting delivery to humans. We only deliver to consumer IDs we recognise, based on the pseudo-anonymised, highly accurate transactional data of real people.


CRM  Media Platform  Personalised Video