One-to-one communications at scale

Personalised media and video delivery

One-to-one personalisation of display media and video at scale, allowing you to speak to consumers like you truly know them. Improve your campaign metrics with individual audience definition and cross-channel, cross-device delivery.

Personalise display media and video
Conversant delivers personalised media and video on behalf of the world's largest brands

Harness data to personalise and prove ROI

Deliver personalised display media, measure incrementality

For each individual - represented by a pseudonymous profile with up to 7,000+ dimensions - we’ll deliver highly personalised messages they’ll care about, across all devices - with incremental results you can see for yourself.
Harness data to personalise media

Achieve intelligent, scalable, sustainable growth

Affiliate marketing meets
vast consumer insight

Drive outstanding growth with the world’s largest affiliate network. CJ Affiliate delivers world-class service, insight and personalisation for affiliate advertisers, agencies and publishers alike.

Discover CJ's approach
CJ Affiliate offers affiliate marketing solutions built upon unparalleled insight.