Customer-Centric Marketing: An Introduction

In the first instalment of this on-demand video series on customer-centric marketing, we consider what defines a customer-centric business, and what best practices we can learn from truly customer-centric businesses.


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Customer Lifetime Value

Video 2 | 15min

Join us to see how customer lifetime value allows businesses to look beyond short-term KPIs, affording long-term planning and strategic change based on true return on investment.

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Customer Loyalty

Video 3 | 11min

Customer loyalty is closely related to customer-centricity, with loyalty programmes proven to increase customer lifetime value by 30%. Join us as we consider how businesses cultivate loyalty.

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Video 4 | 13min

We look at how customer-centricity within acquisition strategies can open new revenue streams, with businesses generating upwards of 6:1 return on investment by properly identifying customers.

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Incremental Growth

Video 5 | 13min

In this on-demand video, we consider how a business needs to evolve to foster incremental growth: rethinking measurement to capture overall impact, adjusting internal and external mindsets, and more.

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Customer-Centric Marketing: An Introduction

In this concise 15-minute on-demand video talk, we consider what defines a customer-centric business, and what best practices those businesses focus on.

Join Epsilon's Ben Foulkes as he introduces the concept of customer-centric marketing, revealing the organisation-wide mindsets needed to successfully transform to a customer-centric model.

Split into four core sections - data, revenue, business impact, and incrementality - Ben discusses the key questions that need to be addressed by businesses seeking to transform to a customer-centric model.

  • Recognition:

    Can you recognise your customers and prospects as individuals?
  • Messaging:

    Are you able to hold a proactive, persistent and ongoing dialogue with your customers and prospects?
  • Measurement:

    Can you measure every marketing £ spent, and the incremental return from that £?

Considering truly customer-centric businesses that exist today, one thing they all have in common is their customer-first mindset, from the top down. This is evident throughout the businesses - everything, including their technology and marketing.

With everything in place and all business functions aligned, these customer-centric organisations utilise an internal backbone - a single customer view - to ensure all activity is led by their audience of prospects and customers. This allows the entire business to support marketing reporting, enabling the marketing function to dial-up or down initiatives based on their exact contribution to profit and loss.

These case study businesses are the goal. Organisations seeking to transform to a customer-centric model need to undergo a process of internal and external transformation to get there.

Here, an organisation pivoting to pivoting towards customer-centricity will need to overcome a series of challenges. For example:

  • Activating a single customer view across multiple channels.
  • Demonstrating that customers are being brought online, reducing the impact of in-store loss during the new-normal.
  • Being able to quickly use data on pockets of audiences to push into conquesting for new customers.

Watch this 15-minute video talk for an introduction for business seeking to transform to a customer-centric model.

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