Engage Your Customers
Reach customers across the relationship lifecycle. Get customers. Keep customers. Grow customers.

Build Connections
Grow your customers' worth over time

It costs five times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. We’ll help you retain your existing customer relationships and grow their worth over time.

Whether they buy online, offline or both, we show you how they spend their time and money across over 7,000 profile dimensions, which update as they continue to engage and buy from over 4,000 brands.

Because Conversant’s platform adapts to customer preferences and transaction history, we drive conversions by delivering the most relevant message at the right time in the best media format, whichever stage of the customer relationship lifecycle your target audience is at.


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Deliver relevant messages to each customer for years

With Conversant's CRM, you’ll deepen your customer relationships with highly personalised marketing messages, delivered accurately across all their devices.

CRM combines your customer knowledge with an unprecedented amount of historical and real-time consumer insight, so you fully understand your customers across purchases, demographic data, locations, interests, shopping behaviour and more.

And with ongoing measurement and insight, you’ll continuously shape your conversations based on profile changes, product launches, store openings, updates to your marketing mix, and where each customer is in the customer relationship lifecycle.


Personalise at scale with CRM

List Activation
Find and reach your offline customers online

Get more out of the insight you already have. Onboard your lists - including customer files and email lists - and accurately reach these consumers across all their devices, effectively upselling or offering targeted discounts to them.

You’ll get insights about device usage, app engagement, social activity and purchase behaviour, so you’ll learn more about your customers, while measuring the brand lift and strength of your campaigns.


Personalised marketing across devices
Engage site visitors and online buyers on all their devices

Have relevant conversations with all your site visitors - recent and historical - with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

With our cross-device recognition across all channels and browsers, in-depth profiles consisting of 400+ days of site activity and dynamic creative capabilities, we deliver fresh and relevant one-to-one messages to drive incremental return on advertising spend.

Act on insight
Use smart insight across devices and channels

Go beyond digital messaging and use Conversant’s cross-channel intelligence to power more of your marketing decisions. Serve the most compelling message where your target consumer is likely to engage across all their devices.

With Conversant's single customer view, you’ll extend your digital messaging across all your channels, creating a more rewarding experience for customers. And you’ll gain insights to make every future touchpoint with them even stronger, whichever customer relationship lifecycle stage they are at.


 CRM  Media Platform  Video