Hackett London accelerates customer engagement programme through next-level technologies

The challenge

The problem for the eCommerce and marketing teams is that it had proven difficult to replicate the high-quality in-store interaction online, to join up the on- and offline experience to drive measurable performance.

“It’s getting easier since we replatformed the website. We’re not at the one-to-one stage, but we want to be able to talk to those customers in the way they want to be spoken to, depending on their affinity with the brand and each product range.
“If someone has been to the website, seen all of our beautiful imagery, and been to the store, we were having an issue with how we followed up with them across digital media. Using Google’s standard retargeting template and doing fixed media buys in-line with print through an agency didn’t look great.
“It’s a slippery slope to start positioning our brand like that, with creative that doesn’t match the experience customers expect from us. It’s too easy to forget that you’re serving millions of impressions of these ads as well.
“We have a vast range of categories and products, with three sub-brands and partnership brands. We don’t have one target Hackett customer - we have multiple personas for each brand, and we have to be mindful that it’s not just one brand and one target customer that we’re speaking to.
“Our number one problem was that we couldn’t understand what was happening with the money that we were investing in display. But the number two priority for us was that we wanted to reach more of our retail store customers. They were entirely neglected because we were just retargeting audiences from the eCommerce site.”
Charlotte Keating
Charlotte Keating Digital Marketing Manager At Hackett London
 The Solution

“Conversant’s solution was to activate all of our rich customer data - everything in 65B [Hackett's loyalty database], everything that happens on the website and in-store - then use machine learning and automated messaging to figure out who the best individuals were to target from an online and in-store perspective. They could then create one-to-one personalised messages using digital media.


“We’re on a journey with personalisation. But to have an additional way to reach our customers at scale, with really nice and relevant messages, when we had previously only been able to communicate with them through email, just sounded great.”

“From the initial proposal, Conversant achieved absolutely everything they set out to do. Within the proof of concept stage, they were already overachieving the agreed projected incremental return, which was terrific.


“We’re still on target six months later. Honestly, it has been really impressive to see those numbers. It’s generating a really good amount of revenue for us both online and in-store.

“To be able to speak to our 65B members, with specific campaigns, and for it to be a VIP experience - something no one else is getting - is excellent. It’s fantastic to be able to definitively say that these people are getting one message, while a different message is going to the rest of the base.

“It’s been very, very easy to work with Conversant. Everything we need to do, they can just make happen. It also saved us a lot of time - it’s a big bonus for our team.

“I’d recommend Conversant to any eCommerce brand. Being able to reach that many of our customers, to be able to talk to them in different ways, and to provide insights such as how they are using the 65B database to increase customer frequency even further is invaluable to us.”

25% Customers messaged by Conversant are over 25% more likely to make a purchase.
70% The programme actively reaches 70% of Hackett London’s 65B loyalty programme, online.
£500k+ Has been driven in new in-store revenue over nine months.
200 Categories / 4 Geographies Incorporated within the personalised messaging programme.



Founded by Jeremy Hackett over 30 years ago, Hackett is a British success story - a premium menswear brand, with 150 stores in over 30 countries. Hackett stands for the best of British style and is proud to partner with brands who share the same ethos, quality and tradition; examples include British Army Polo, Henley Royal Regatta and Aston Martin.