Proven incremental revenue growth after switching from one-off campaigns to personalised, always-on media

 The challenge

Remain top of mind for fickle fashion consumers

Scotch & Soda was frustrated by the limitations of their marketing technologies to deliver a consistent brand message to their customers and to remain top of mind.

“We try to build memory structures in everything we do – everything should be aligned. Conversant allowed us to create individual communication stories on a continuous basis efficiently - right person, right product and right look and feel for Scotch & Soda. Marketing is a mix, and Conversant is one digital element to our overall strategy, but it is the piece that allows us to be where our customers want us to be, when they want us to be there.”
Leon Wharton
Leon Wharton Media Manager at Scotch & Soda
 The Solution

Scotch & Soda required a product that was resource-light and allowed the team to make data-driven advertising decisions that would create new incremental revenue. Conversant’s CRM Media solution answered these questions by delivering one-to-one personalised media messaging over time that can be validated against incremental revenue return.

“Conversant is driving new incremental demand from our mid-funnel, and I don’t think we serviced that properly before, or that the tools to do that existed previously.

"The audience insights Conversant offer is also really helpful. Not only are we delivering measurable revenue into the business, but Conversant also help us to understand our audience and leverage that internally – for example, the data helps us build a case for creative strategies across other media."
Leon Wharton
Leon Wharton Media Manager at Scotch & Soda

For the first time, they have been able to accurately measure and validate the incremental contribution of digital media to their overall media mix.

"It’s a new technology and a new way of doing things, and I believe the figures I’m being shown for incremental performance of the Conversant activity.

“The team are obviously excited about the product - we liked it because the programme reporting options are so strong. Incrementality is a good method, and I believe businesses need to move towards measuring their marketing spend like this."

5.5:1 Incremental return on ad spend. That's £5.50 return for every £1 spent with Conversant.
25% Messaged customers’ buying more often than non-messaged customers
23% Messaged customers’ lifetime value increased against non-messaged customers