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Accelerate your business through innovation and data-driven affiliate marketing. Meet CJ Affiliate by Conversant.
Affiliate Marketing Solutions

Join 4,000 elite global brands and 70,000 publishers on CJ Affiliate's network.

Trusted for our expertise in affiliate marketing around the world, organisations big and small work with us for our results, our relationships and our service. From globally recognisable brands and international agencies, to local SMEs, our clients represent a huge range of verticals, geographies and cultures.

This means we’re uniquely qualified to deliver affiliate marketing excellence on a global scale backed by an unrivalled 20 years of industry knowledge, technical know-how and data.

Affiliate marketing solutions


What makes CJ stand out in affiliate marketing?

Unrivalled personalisation through data

Harness one-to-one personalisation between brand and consumer. Only CJ‘s advertisers and publishers benefit from Conversant‘s united personalisation platform.

Omni-channel, cross-device tracking

Measure the influence of affiliate on customer action no matter where they are, or which device they use. Track customer journeys online and offline to realise unparalleled insight.

Industry leading tools and software

Automation and simplification through CJ‘s product-first approach to technology means advertisers and publishers alike are freed from admin and enabled to focus on what they're good at.

Trusted by global brands and publishers

Over 4,000 brands and 70,000 publishers around the world rely on us for their affiliate marketing. We‘ve earned that trust through continued evolution and innovation, generating heightened ROI.

Affiliate marketing solutions


Making affiliate personal

We’re taking affiliate to the next level by leveraging the power of Conversant‘s united personalisation platform.

Conversant creates a one-to-one connection between consumers and brands to drive sustained brand affinity and measured sales growth. Investing over $1Billion to unite five industry-leading companies has brought together the technology and expertise necessary to deliver personal communications with each individual in a brand‘s target audience.

We deliver solutions that give you, the advertisers and publishers, the ability to engage omnichannel consumers wherever they are in their decision journey – online, offline and across devices.

Affiliate marketing solutions


CJ Affiliate Customer Insights

Get to know your customers and make smarter marketing decisions by combining your transactional data with the power of 200M+ unique consumer profiles.

New and repeat customers

Analyse the percentage of unique new customers acquired through affiliate channels versus non-affiliate channels, and the associated revenue of those transactions.

Offline impact

Effectively measure the influence of clicks within the affiliate customer journey to in-store conversions by combining affiliate click data with customer-specific purchase data.

Channel benchmarking

Compare the average order value, subsequent orders and associated revenue of affiliate and non-affiliate programmes to determine how affiliate initiatives drive results for your business.

Affiliate marketing solutions


Personalisation unleashed!

For marketers ready to take their programmes to the next level, we‘ve innovated a bold new approach to affiliate marketing. It’s designed to treat each consumer as an individual, harnessing product and offer preferences that will help drive higher sales.

Our personalised solution analyses each click on a participating link and determines which landing page to send that user to, maximising conversion rate.

We then layer in personalised ads and landing pages that we deliver to individuals at the perfect time. In the perfect place. Across devices.

Affiliate marketing solutions


Better tagging processes for better data personalisation

Leveraging the power of Conversant‘s Tag Manager alleviates the burden and potential hazards of manual management. All tags are replaced with a single, lightweight piece of code.

  • No need to tap into IT. Easily add, remove and manage site tags without involving IT.
  • Act faster. Adding new tags takes minutes, not weeks.
  • Improve site performance. Dramatically improve site function and page load time.
  • Ensure data accuracy. Automatically monitor tag health to ensure you're collecting the data you need.
  • Prevent data leakage. Monitor tags on your site and eliminate those that are not relevant.
  • Meet consumer privacy demands. Easily comply with industry guidelines

Affiliate marketing solutions


The unparalleled cross-device solution

Appreciate the entire customer journey

Device-switching is common in a customer‘s shopping journey. Until today, the tracking of this activity has been lost. Clear and actionable insight into the customer purchase behaviour is imperative to the success of your business.

Unlock affiliate performance to grow, gain competitive advantage and reward publishers for sales driven in multi-device journeys.

Empowers efficient sales growth

  • Growth. Unlock the cross-device behaviour of your customers and discover new partnerships. Recalibrate the value of affiliate to optimise your product and the offer mix.
  • Competitive advantage. Optimise your programme with mobile-driven affiliates to drive share of voice and sales. Onboard more influencers ahead of your competition.
  • Transparency. Understand drivers of cross-device engagement and mobile influence. Identify the publishers, audiences and products that drive cross-device consumer engagement.

Revitalises publisher engagement

  • Content and social. Create focus and long term engagement on a CPA basis.
  • Coupon and deals. Tap into mobile apps and social media with CPA. Capitalise on shifting offer algorithms.
    Loyalty. Expand email and newsletter opportunities through CPA. Enhance your customer’s cashback experience.
  • Global. Experience excellent posting positions on site and mobile environments.

Affiliate marketing solutions


Deterministic matching at scale

10x more reach than any other affiliate provider.

We bridge the gap between cookies and individuals by leveraging online and offline transaction data to create persistent customer profiles powering the most scalable, accurate cross-device solution in-market today.

Affiliate marketing solutions