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Leading edge ad tech services for data collection and programme management

Conversant offers industry leading ad tech services through a data collection, management and activation suite
Technology Suite

Conversant offers industry-leading advertising technology services through a data collection, management and activation suite, associating your digital marketing efforts with individual consumers. These ad tech services are offered as either a comprehensive platform or as individual solutions.

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Conversant Tag Manager

Our advanced ad tech solution streamlines and improves the collection and syndication of website data. This solution makes it easy for marketing teams to manage their site tags quickly and easily, without burdening their own IT department.

Beyond offering unprecedented data accuracy, the ad tech solution also helps to speed up page loads, improves overall site performance and allows marketing teams to be more nimble and responsive to opportunities as they arise.

Conversant Data Collection and Management

Unite cross-channel marketing data from across the entire plan for mission-critical analysis and superior personalisation with the Conversant Ad Server.

This ad tech solution offers unprecedented data accuracy across all your marketing activities with our leading-edge data collection and management solution. Our ad server delivers true multi-channel and multi-device data collection and management on both aggregate and individual consumer levels.

Conversant Ad Server

Leverage the flexibility and reliability of Conversant's ad tech services across your digital plan. Execute, report and optimise for maximum ROI across digital channels.

The Conversant Ad Server is easy to use and fully customisable, enabling you and your team to create and execute campaigns in less time and with far fewer steps.

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