Media Platform

Deliver the most effective programmes possible by individually pinpointing the ideal audience for your brand.
Media Platform

We focus on delivering the most effective programmes possible by individually pinpointing the ideal audience for your brand. Whether you want to deliver a multi-channel, multi-device programme with a focus on a few channels or concentrate all of your spend on a single channel, you’ll get remarkable targeting precision and superior results.

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Advertisers continue to rely on display for one reason - it works. By offering a broad range of ad formats, we’ve successfully partnered with over 55,000 advertisers and have exceeded their brand awareness and performance-based goals, time after time.


Whether you choose a mobile-only or integrated multi-device campaign, you’ll benefit from the insights that come from our incredibly rich cross-device consumer profiles.

Our profiles encompass browsing, interaction, shopping and purchase data as well as mobile-specific insights like device and location. With superior cross-device mapping and a potential reach of 90+ percent of both iOS and Android, we offer an unparalleled opportunity to reach and message consumers across channels and on virtually any device they choose. In fact, we have full SDK integration with more than 20,000 apps.

Conversant's cross-device solutions deliver more than three times the engagement and five times the conversions of single device programmes. From standard banners to rich, interactive full-screen executions, we offer an incredibly broad creative suite to accommodate virtually any marketing goal or metric.


We drive both innovation and superior results with our unique video offering, which harnesses our exclusive, cross-device profiles to individually identify the best viewers for your brand.

With superior cross-device capabilities, we're able to deliver video across a full range of connected devices, from PCs to tablets and phones. Our innovative creative suite provides more ways to maximise impact and engagement, including pre-roll, in-banner, in-text and full-screen executions. And of course, you can be assured that your programmes will run in brand-safe environments. All that, plus comprehensive measurement and insights, including GRP measurement.

Vertical Media

Our best-in-class vertical solutions were developed to help you reach the right individuals in the most relevant settings. 

Performance Media

We've improved on 'standard' performance solutions by pairing the strengths of Conversant's personalisation capabilities with multiple proven tool-sets. In additon, we offer performance marketing across devices including PC, phones and tablets.  

  • Registration traffic: Align your brand with great publishers.
  • Voucher downloads: Pay only for complete actions to ensure lead goals are met.
  • Email: CAN-SPAM compliant blasts and targeted newsletter placements.
  • CPA and CPC: Standard IAB ad units, vouchers, offer listings and in-text ads.
  • Social media: Convert your customers into brand advocates.
Conversant’s Full Service Media Management

Harness the power of your brand data and Conversant's personalisation capabilities with a fully managed RTB solution.

Leverage rich user insights and custom models tuned to your exact business objectives, all with the convenience of insertion order-based buying. With Conversant’s Full Service Media Management, our team of RTB experts leverage advanced audience modelling and bid optimisation analytics to seamlessly reach your customers and prospects across the leading display, mobile and video exchanges.

A powerful, complete service with no new platforms to learn, no new teams to hire or long-term commitments to make - just superior results.

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