True measurement of marketing activity, paired with actionable insight

Measure, monitor and understand the real impact of marketing.

An essential component of personalised marketing is the ability to measure, monitor and understand the true impact of marketing.

Conversant's solutions deliver the richest measurement and insights possible. All solutions provide incredibly granular insight and dynamic optimisation against campaign performance metrics. But with first-party data integration, the measurement and optimisation capabilities increase exponentially.

Our holistic on- and offline conversion tracking and statistically validated test and control analytics enable us to measure and optimise against incremental return on advertising spend. This delivers unprecedented results and superior insight into the true drivers of ROI for your brand.

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Incremental Return on Advertising Spend (IROAS)

Truly measure the business return on your marketing activity.

By implementing test and control groups amongst audiences, and the ability to track consumer-spend and action wherever it takes place - on- and offline, on any device and platform - we're uniquely placed to measure the true result of personalised marketing.

Campaign Essentials Report

This component of our reporting suite defines what your campaign actually delivered with an accurate summary of:

  • Campaign pacing
  • Creative media and geography
  • Conversion rates
  • Audience mapping
Cross-Device Report

Receive a comprehensive report detailing the value of true cross-device including:

  • Cost effectiveness of exposure on multiple devices
  • Cross-device conversion rates compared with single-device conversion rates
  • Device attribution analysis
  • Cross-device brand lift
Brand Lift Report

Identify how awareness, purchase intent and brand favourability are positively affected by individualised targeting.

GRP Delivery Report

Uncover insights about the campaign as measured by classic reach and frequency metrics. This is particularly valuable for brands that focus on reach and frequency as primary media.

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