Personalised marketing
Cross-device media and video, backed by immense consumer insight to serve truly personalised marketing campaigns

Personalised marketing solutions
Right audience. Right message. Right place. Right time.

Bringing together vast, exclusive insight from across channels, devices, both online and offline, we create incredibly rich pseudo-anonymised consumer profiles. Using these profiles, we select the ideal target audience for your brand, individual by individual, at tremendous scale.

In real-time, on the fly, our cross-channel, cross-device creative suite develops highly personalised communications for each individual to motivate continual interaction with your brand.

By implementing test and control groups within your audience, we actually measure - rather than attribute - the incremental return of your personalised marketing spend, while allowing our personalisation engine to optimise campaigns to achieve even greater customer lifetime value.

It's the true expression of the right audience, receiving the right message, in the right place, at the right time.

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Personalise at scale
One-to-one marketing at scale

Our bank of over 200 million pseudo-anonymised profiles of real, reachable people is unparalleled.

But it's also what's in those profiles that counts. Our view of over one trillion real-time, daily consumer decisions, the 120 million on- and offline purchases we see daily, and a 96% verified cross-device matching accuracy means we understand your consumers, and can act on that understanding better than anyone else.

Personalise at scale


Engage your Customers
Speak to real people, personally

Deepen your relationships with your customers through meaningful connections over their lifetimes.

We enable you to combine your own customer knowledge with our unprecedented amount of richly detailed, real-time and historical consumer insight to fully understand each customer and keep them coming back.

Engage customers


Acquire customers
Reach the right people to expand your customer base

Our extensive, person-level profiles help you find the right people to expand your customer base.

We can accurately exclude your existing customers, and help you find and reach prospects who look like your best customers. You'll efficiently add new customers and drive actions beyond sales that grow your business.

Acquire customers


Deliver personalised media and video
Highly relevant messaging, delivered precisely

Our expansive digital footprint and full-service creative allows you to deliver highly relevant display and video messages across your customers’ desktops, mobile websites, mobile apps and social platforms.

You’ll have 178+ opportunities to connect with each consumer every day, across 173,000 apps and 1.1 million websites, via 4,000 direct publisher integrations. So, you’ll always reach them at the right moment with a message that drives them to act.

And with unparalleled ad quality, you’ll be confident that you’re reaching real people with messages that are always viewable in brand-safe environments.

Deliver personalised media & video


Measure incremental return
Incremental return on advertising spend

Incremental return on advertising spend measures the change in revenue resulting from specific advertising campaigns. Frankly, it is the only true measurement of return on advertising.

Too often, the success of brand marketing activity is gauged through direct action and attribution - simple consumer activities extrapolated to a monetary value. That's not measurement. It's educated assumption.

Using test and control groups, Conversant measure the actual value uplift that results from marketing activity. By comparing the two groups, we isolate the sole value of a specific personalised marketing campaign or strategy, allowing you to measure and make decisions based on the genuine return to your business.

Measure incremental return