Personalise at scale
Boost your customer lifecycle marketing strategy with true personalisation at scale

Personalised marketing at scale
Delivering on your customer lifecycle marketing strategy

Understand, then reach your customers and prospects with highly targeted communications, each message incredibly relevant to the individual person at the very moment in their life. Each message delivered as a cohesive part of your customer lifecycle marketing strategy. Each message tailored on-the-fly to spur consumers into taking action.

This is personalised marketing, delivered at scale.

To truly personalise your marketing, and see return from it, you need to understand the people you’re communicating with at that very moment in their life. But while it's key, this insight is just one necessary component.

You also need to be able to recognise them, matching them to all the insight about them you have access to, then make a decision on what messages to show them based on that insight. Finally, you need to be able to precisely measure the success of these communications, in order to both optimise and report on success.

Conversant have been personalising display media on behalf of brands for nearly a decade. We know how to build relationships with consumers through personalised media, throughout the customer lifecycle.

Right now, hundreds of brands - including well-over half of the Internet Retailing Top 100 - harness our deep insight into over 200 million consumers to deliver personalised marketing as a key component of their customer lifecycle marketing strategy.

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Incredibly insightful consumer profiles

Powering Conversant's personalisation engine are over 200 million pseudo-anonymised consumer profiles, with over 7,000 potential profile dimensions fed from our view of more than one trillion real-time daily consumer decisions and 120 million on- and offline purchases.

What does this mean in practice? A single customer view of your existing and potential customers that we employ to serve truly personalised, individually relevant communications to your customers and prospects.

Industry leading recognition and reach

With unprecedented levels of consumer insight, Conversant’s 96% matching accuracy dwarfs the industry average of just 50%.

The millions of pseudo-anonymous profiles, scrubbed of all personally identifiable information, create a single customer view across devices, on- and offline.

Wherever your target consumers are, we're able to recognise them. Whichever device your target consumers use, we're able to reach them. And our profiles last a lifetime, so your conversation with each consumer never misses a beat. 

Our massive digital reach is on a par with Google. And our competitors can't come close to our scale or persistence of recognition.

Real-time creative composition and optimisation

Conversant offers the industry’s most innovative suite of creative capabilities, empowering brands and their agencies to maximise audience engagement across channels and devices. Our Platform supports the industry’s broadest set of creative options.

With amazing creative flexibility in video, display, rich media and mobile — the sky is the limit. Stop planning in a silo and deliver more effective programmes that seamlessly surround your target with impactful messages as they move from channel to channel and screen to screen.

Regardless of which creative options and channels you decide to deploy, the Conversant Personalisation Platform will always select the best fit ads to deliver to individuals in your target audience.

True measurement and insight

Through advanced, truthful measurement and insight, we empower you to make impactful decisions surrounding your wider customer lifecycle marketing strategy.

Implementing test and control groups amongst audiences, we measure the actual value uplift that results from marketing activity. By comparing the two groups, we isolate the sole value of a specific personalised marketing campaign or strategy, allowing you to measure and make decisions based on the genuine return to your business.

Further, our reporting suite provides a complete view of your campaign performance including deep cross-device analytics, granular audience analysis, brand lift calculations and classic reach/frequency analysis.

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